We've Moved to Temporary Office Space


We are blessed that our Houston area staff weathered Hurricane Harvey without any significant incident, and our homes were not seriously damaged. 


However, our Houston office was adversely impacted by the flood waters caused by the storm.  Our office building received about five feet of water on the ground floor.  Fortunately, we were located on the fourth floor, and nothing in our suite was damaged.  However, the damage to that office building is significant, so much so that we will no longer be able to work from that location. 


We have scrambled and found temporary office space about 10 minutes from our old location.  Friday, September 1 and over the weekend, we moved into a temporary office space.  We continue to be located conveniently in northeast Houston, close to Houston International Airport.


Our temporary Houston Office location is:


3663 N Sam Houston Pkwy East

Gateway 1, Suite 600

Houston, TX 77032


Mailing Address

PO Box 6161

Kingwood, TX 77325




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