Tax Information & Self-Filers


Where's My Refund?

This link will connect you directly to the IRS site that will give you the status of your refund and where it is in processing.  All you need is your social security number and the refund amount.


Fin CEN 114 (FBAR)

Did you know that you can eFile your own Form Fin CEN 114?  This link will connect you directly to the IRS site that will allow you to file your own Fin CEN 114 online.  Even we can't do that!  The Fin CEN 114 form is for those who have interest in Foreign Bank Accounts.  If you are unsure if you need this form, contact us and we would be glad to clarify the requirements.



Do you have a teenager who just started working?  Do them a favor and show them how to do their own taxes.  We have provided access to the IRS website's fillable 1040EZ Form just by clicking on the icon.  If you want the instructions for the 1040EZ click here and they will open in another browser window and you can save, print or just refer to them as you go!


IRS Withholding Calculator

This calculator is only as accurate as the numbers you input.  Have your most recent pay stub handy, along with your most recent tax return.  Using this calculator will help you determine what you should claim for your withholding on your employee Form W-4.



IRS Calendar for Businesses and Self-Employed

This calendar will give due dates for the current year for Business and Self-Employed filings, reports, and payments that should be made.