Our Contact Info:​

Email      : info@globaltaxconsult.com
Address  :
PO Box 6161, Kingwood, TX  77325
Phone     : 281-360-2800

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Payment Options


We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and we wish to thank you for your business.  To make the payment process easier for you, we offer many options.

Payment directly off of our Invoices using the ‘PAY NOW’ button

We currently send our invoices electronically to you via email through a QuickBooks server.  Attached to each online invoice is a ‘Pay Now’ button.  You may pay us using your credit or debit card, or instruct QuickBooks to debit your bank account and send us an electronic check (a type of bank transfer).  There is no cost to you for this payment service.

To securely pay by credit card, we have teamed with PayPal, which accepts most U.S. and non-U.S. issued credit cards.  To use the PayPay, at no additional cost to you, please use the link above.

Notice to Clients Regarding Payments Using PayPal

By clicking the link above, you will be entering a third-party website that we use to help you make and receive ayments safely.   Please see the instructions and terms of use for PayPal site upon entering the site.  Brenner & Elsea-Mandojana, LLC takes no responsibility for security of, use of, or data stored on PayPal.​

ACH / Wire Transfer Payments


Payment is also possible via wire or ACH transfer.  Please see your invoice for our wire transfer instructions including our routing number and account number.  Should you request, we are able to debit your bank account, either for a lump-sum payment or for installment payments.  Please contact us for auto-debit arrangements.

Mailing of Payments

We accept checks and money orders payable to:

Brenner & Elsea-Mandojana, LLC
P.O. Box 6161
Kingwood, Texas  77325