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As an added benefit to our clients and prospective clients, we also prepare and deliver presentations each year on U.S. tax issues affecting our U.S.-based and U.S. expatriate clients worldwide. You can see examples of these presentations below.  We also post articles and website links that provide additional individual and business tax information that may be useful to you and/or your business.



Click here to access recent articles and tips that we find helpful.  We try to cover a broad spectrum of subjects to satisfy our many different client interests.  Here you can also access our archived articles.



Here are some presentations and webinars that we hope you find informative and helpful on various topics of interests.



Find links to other sites with helpful information.  Also find downloadable documents or fillable documents that may be helpful. 

If you have suggestions for other helpful items or items you would like to be able access frequently, let us know on our Contact Us page.