Client Tax Organizer


In an effort to make communications with us easier, we have sent our 2019 tax organizer to our clients electronically.  If you did not receive your tax organizer, please contact Melissa at or Priscila at


Intuit Link

We will be utilizing Intuit Link this year to send you Tax Organizer questions and to request documents. This will collect all data in one area and alert us when you have completed the requests.  You may complete the Intuit Link Tax Organizer request at your leisure. We can send additional document requests for you to see here as well. Intuit Link gives you a dashboard to track your progress, see a To Do List and show you what documents we are requesting and a place to upload them.   Please watch for your Intuit Link invite.  Registration is simple, just use your email address and a password of your choice.


The EXCEL version is for those who have limited internet access or online capabilities or are unable to use Intuit Link.  It can be downloaded and filled in from your computer and then sent back to us once completed or you may download, print and fill in by hand and scan back to us.  Click the button below for your Client Tax Organizer. 


Tax Documents:  This year, we have these methods by which you may send documents to us: Intuit Link, SmartVault portal, Hightail document transfer service, and email attachments.   The preferred document transfer method is our secure Intuit Link or secure SmartVault portal.  See our FILE TRANSFERS for more information on how to get us your documents.  If you send us documents by email, please password protect them!


Please click the link below for our client tax organizer.

Please click the link below for the supplemental organizer templates